Adele Fans In 11 Of Her Must-hear Songs

Liam Payne By Adele Adele is known for having a lot of big feelings, whether it’s song lyrics, social media posts or lyrics. “30” is one of the finest tracks on her sixth album, 25, and this should have been the most obvious representation of that. The song asks several questions about a past lover who used to be a “family member” but isn’t anymore, and it leaves us wondering who that person was. Once you listen, you’ll realise that while “30” is a simple admission, it somehow manages to get through with just two large, plaintive vocals, no beats or guitar riffs, and most importantly, no chorus.

FREDERIC VALLETTA/AFP/Getty Images *CANT* 1 ~ To Step Above* Video Of Actors IN PARIS Since 1971, Chanel has been making glamorous, historic-looking costumes for the world’s most gorgeous performers – no surprise it’s the same for Chanel No 5 advertisements. The fourth fragrance in the No 5 campaign “Passion” showed Christian Dior, the designer of Chanel No 5, and stars Marion Cotillard in what’s (and probably will always be) a classic ad: dressed in pale pink, she stares into the camera and says the famous phrase “to step above” as a man with an unassuming mid-town mug shot carries Chanel No 5 in a briefcase. This first-ever shoot with a scrolling text, adverbial and non-chronological copy, was also one of Dior’s first adverts (also is when Chanel No 5 came to Canada and the first video was made for “Step Above”). However, she was following in the footsteps of Grace Kelly, whose image had made the Number 5 scents famous worldwide. In 1965, France’s Dezières had shot Kelly in a head-to-toe white gown, with a veil in the background, while a camera crew surrounded her, showing almost nothing of her, and watched as she stood totally still in a crisp white gown. TALIK HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images *CANT* 2 ~ No Time* Photograph Of An Interview With Bollywood Stars In India This four-minute long video was released on YouTube in 2014 and the musical game behind it is part of a series about Indian music, which Adele has made her own by creating two CDs – one exclusive to British audiences and the other for Indian fans. In “No Time”, Adele visits India with her family and Indian friends to watch Bollywood films, attend the grammy awards, sing at home, and pose with kitty cats. Each clip tells different stories related to India, adding to the film’s brilliance. As Adele, whose Grammy winning Album 25 was released in late 2015, was not from the country, she did not make a selection of Hindi films. “No Time” explains that though “No Time” and “Fate of the Furious” can sound similar, Adele’s vocals were also an integral part in the film being nominated for an Oscar. FREDERIC VALLETTA/AFP/Getty Images 3 ~ Manifesto* Photo Of Crissie Rhodes’ Film “Oatmeal” (2014) While working on her last album 25, Adele was contacted by Crissie Rhodes, the Oscar-winning actress who also happens to be a songwriter. “Oatmeal” is a haunting piano ballad and one of Adele’s favourite songs. She also is a fan of Indian cinema and dancer Crissie Rhodes’ part in the film “Oatmeal” where she shows viewers the importance of being active and, at the same time, fearless when it comes to accepting life’s changing circumstances. FREDERIC VALLETTA/AFP/Getty Images 4 ~ Manifesto* Photo Of Prasanna Mama Bandre For the brand’s 50th anniversary, Prasanna Mama Bandre, a South Indian singer whose voice is always meant to be heard, created a song specially to sound 10 times better than when it’s played on a gramophone. “Wish I was Ten” is a homage to the revolution and love the music of India, which inspired the song. FREDERIC VALLETTA/AFP/Getty Images 5 ~ Premise* Atrium

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