Billie Lourd on Chipotle and breaking the stigma around mental illness

“I’m not sure what it is about Burritos that I love so much,” laughs Billie Lourd, a.k.a. “Scream Queens” actress Billie Lourd, in the latest issue of Rookie magazine. “I think because they are made with flour, not butter, and then they get put in the oven, which melts the cheese, which I love.” So what is it about the Chipotle burrito that attracts you to it? So how much did the ice cream legend put on the lime for her Chipotle burrito?

Well, it seems, that’s just a product of her diet. “I will swear to you that, if there is water in Chipotle, it was Hahvahd f*cking Hahvahd water. Then the sauce is guacamole. That’s a whole ingredient.” Her new Applebaum has said that the Chipotle burrito is the world’s best meal. Like Billie suggests, it’s probably actually water, but that’s kind of not what we’re here for. We want you to pretend that it’s guacamole.

Billie says of living out her favorite burrito: “I would eat a square inch of it from Chipotle every day just to see what would happen.” She doesn’t leave her Chipotle burrito at home, but Billie probably should. “My mom says that if we go to Chipotle with her she can order it, but she’s never won the game of the Chipotle burrito roll.”

Over two years ago, Billie Lourd lost her beloved mother, actress Carrie Fisher, in December 2016. She was then catapulted into the spotlight in a new way following the success of her mother, also an actress. Carrie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the start of her battle with alcohol and drugs. Billie revealed her own struggle with mental illness after gaining a huge amount of fame, saying that she thought she was going crazy.

While many stars struggle with the stigma surrounding mental illness, it can be difficult to come forward and be known for you struggle. Billie went on a very public search to find help and self-love, and her personal journey has always been talked about.

Although she revealed her desire to get help, she struggled to come to terms with her grief. The world discovered what was happening behind the scenes when she suffered a mental breakdown after the death of her mother, and the stress of her role in Hollywood prompted her to seek help. She made an appointment with a psychiatrist and sought treatment for her bipolar disorder. Although at times she struggled with her illness, she’s now able to speak publicly about it, which has helped many others. She has lost 20 pounds and is playing Carrie’s younger sister in the upcoming film, Star Wars Episode IX.

As well as being a role model for many women, Billie is also a public figure who uses her experiences to help others. Her personal journey has inspired many others and given them strength to speak out about their own mental health.

Billie Lourd has taken her “Stories We Tell” project to inspiring new heights, and not just in terms of material. Now we know why Billie loves the Chipotle burrito so much, we can share it too, and everyone else around us.

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