Camila Cabello’s ‘all-seeing eye’ Twitter message is cold response to Mendes

Singer’s brand of confidence seems to have rubbed another popstar the wrong way, who dumped him as she landed a judging spot on The Voice

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In a relationship that was supposedly cute, but not really, Camila Cabello tweeted: “I no longer see myself as ‘just friends’ with Shawn Mendes.” Her new boyfriend, The Greatest Showman actor Matthew Hussey, is rumoured to have responded: “Me neither.”

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Cabello then fired off a cryptic tweet that went unnoticed until she posted it again to share it with her fans the following morning.

Cabello (@Camila_Cabello) Ok, my real feeling for santa is not making Shawn Mendes angry. Like, it’s fine if he does; I just …you know, sometimes things just go stale.

Her decision to release this message to her fans has lead to much speculation. Is she on the verge of divorce? Is she actually bi-polar, which would explain her public breakups with the likes of Fifth Harmony and Machine Gun Kelly?

While Mendes hasn’t commented on the alleged breakup, he has done little to play down the relationship. After Cabello posted the cryptic tweet, he responded saying, “just got off the phone with you …” And, if he’s telling the truth, he appears to have been the initiator in the relationship. When Cabello retweeted Mendes’s tweet, she didn’t quite respond – she simply posted a smiling emoji.

Earlier this year, Mendes and Cabello were seen getting cosy at New York’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, and appeared as a couple at a radio event later in the year. Mendes confirmed that there was a “short-lived romance” when the rumours first surfaced but insisted that they didn’t hook up until after Cabello had split from her Fifth Harmony bandmates.

Despite rumours and heavy speculation on social media, there has yet to be any “official” statement from the couple – which comes as quite a surprise given Mendes’s natural reticence. Cabello’s tweet to her followers indicates that there was, at least, some flirting, and the public embrace of the “just short-lived romance”, suggests that the two were so close and comfortable that they did have “a short-lived romance”.

Cabello is of Cuban descent and Mendes, whose real name is Shawn Andrew Mariano, is an Ottawa-raised Canadian. Mendes is 20, while Cabello is 19.

They may now be in the UK for a promo tour, but rumours of their break-up might have been sparked by the unexpected departure of the others from Fifth Harmony. Cabello, Cabello, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane decamped from the band last month. In July, Cabello said she wanted to pursue a solo career but revealed she was only asked to return after four-and-a-half years in the band. The ladies’ departure was confirmed by the band’s official statement on Twitter and swiftly followed by Cabello tweeting: “I can only imagine what it must be like to go through such a break-up and feel pressure to make this happen. In the end I guess I became impatient.”

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