Cruz agrees with Trump on Olympics boycott, White House says

The White House press secretary says that Senator Ted Cruz “agrees” with President Trump in his recent comments that the US shouldn’t boycott the Olympics.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the presidential hopeful had said “that I would not participate in a sporting event hosted by a regime that we are supposed to be trying to elevate the rights and dignity of people and I am very skeptical of this being an elevation that’s the right thing to do for the United States.”

President Trump said he thought Cruz should remain at the Rio Olympics — and so did the senator.

“I agree with the President that when the US does not choose to participate because of our values we undermine those values and so would be a great loss for the Olympics and the Olympics would lose out on millions of dollars. I think my approach is similar to the President’s approach,” Cruz said.

This isn’t the first time Cruz has weighed in on the Olympics controversy.

As Speaker of the House, he also said he would prefer to keep sports fans at home than sending a team to the Olympics.

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