If you have to write an email, how about posting it on Facebook or Twitter? | Rachell McCusker

I know that it may be saying something about how old I am, but I’m so sick of dealing with crap emails. One particular site, myletter, has been sending me the most ridiculous stuff, even after I tried setting it to remove what I considered spam. Noooooooooo!

Not only did I have to get in touch with the email address no one else wanted to get in touch with to block it, but in this crazy world, someone has been sending me whatever the “international” handle on the email was, hoping I’d forward it along to someone else I know. This caused weeks of the most atrocious stuff getting forwarded on to my inbox. I am now an email enthusiast and an amateur typist and I don’t want to be bothered with this problem ever again.

If you do need to write an email, but you feel that email as we know it is broken, here are some tips.

This tip is for people who read the comments section on a news story. I used to send similar comments to different writers and after they responded to them, I would get automatic messages from them saying they hadn’t heard from me. This is not a terrible problem because they get all the messages and are as annoyed as I am at the ability to get stuck with that message. Be selective about the mail you use for the people you follow. My one mistake in doing this was to end up with every Twitter and Facebook user in the world.

My advice for setting up an email address: read up on common misuses of email. For example, the “reply all” email address has actually become more and more useful in recent years because now we all routinely check Facebook messages and send responses to those direct messages that way, and we never even have to send a word out. No need to include a subject line or return address. Just hit reply all. If it’s a newsletter, add a subject line and return address.

When you set up your email address, just write the address in capital letters with no space in between the letters. Now when you read an email, it goes through the air with no “loop”. I have set up a flexible email address so I can send to all of my email addresses at once.

If you are determined to send someone an email, just take the time to look up the more generic email addresses like: [email protected]. All you need to do is type in the name of the department you work for and you can have it sent to you.

Email is easily the most dangerous form of communication, from the man who broke into my email in 2008 to those trying to set up a recurring reminder email. Send something I will see it and then I will stop you. To prevent those types of things from happening, keep your address varied and vary the information that is used.

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