Join the citizen movement to end Amy McGrath’s congressional bid

To the editor: Join the citizen movement to have a woman recognized as the best congressional whip after you posted my article. The best position to evaluate O’Toole is what happens over the next two months. (“Progressive Knocks O’Toole, and Other Hometown Hero Under Attack,” Oct. 3.) This challenger’s track record so far deserves a serious look. If O’Toole is placed in leadership positions in the Senate, congressional and House leadership ranks, his previously stated feminist demands (including exaltation of Christine Blasey Ford) should be rescinded and women will quickly move to the forefront. This would send him a clear signal: progressives are eroding his power. As long as he serves the interests of McConnell and the McCaskill campaign, his promises will not be fulfilled. Surely McConnell is aware of the progressive challenge that he helped create. I encourage all constituents to take to social media and ask their bosses, elected officials and coworkers to end their relationships with McConnell. Julie has an even stronger record of support for women’s rights. She would be the best and most progressive leader for our country. Her position is less reactionary, more progressive and more inclusive. I look forward to whatever happens in November. Our country is desperate for bipartisanship. Anything less is disheartening. —Althia Raj, San Francisco

To the editor: As someone who makes contributions to campaigns to elect progressive candidates for office, I am disappointed in your coverage of the brewing primary battle between Erin O’Toole, a former independent, and Carlynn Carr, a longtime LGBT organizer. I support the progressive candidates who will fight hard for our community, including a woman in Congress. Erin O’Toole is the most progressive, progressive and grassroots candidate in the Democratic primary, and she is the best choice to represent my liberal values in Congress. I urge you to cover this battle.

—Marilyn E. Keller, Bellingham, Wash.

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