Judge Jeanine Pirro makes a triumphant return to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live couldn’t get enough of Judge Jeanine Pirro this week. During the first sketch of her week-long stint on SNL, the Judge made headlines when she said that she would like to choke and murder transgender children and imagined a scenario where she had already killed them. Later in the show, she appeared on Weekend Update as an expert panelist, where it was explained that a woman having sex with a child is a heinous crime. A less shocking sketch saw her also discuss her support for President Trump’s judicial nominees, hinting that she may have forgotten her “less than stellar temperament and sense of decorum,” in her politics.

“I support Donald Trump because my husband works for him, and my job is important. A lot of people on the left think it’s the same thing, that I work for Trump because I have a pro-Trump button on my desk. Well, it’s the same button I had on my desk when I ran for judge.” The Judge also slammed “people who don’t want to believe anything happens to our children” and called trans people “monsters” who “should be stopped.”

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