Morning Fix: Gas prices rise to record highs; Ohio gas prices nearly 40 percent higher than a year ago; and more

Good morning!

Here’s what you need to know on Monday, March 5, 2018:

1. Prolonged high gas prices could disrupt vacation plans and cause financial sacrifice.

2. Those who live in the Northeast are struggling to pay high gas prices and face a combination of gas price hikes that will likely roll out in the coming weeks.

3. Four states have seen annual gas tax increases in the past year.

4. Prices at the pump in New York state are up 17 percent.

5. In Ohio, gas prices have gone up by nearly 40 percent from a year ago.

6. Gas prices are not really the economic indicator we think they are.

7. Washington state is the only one in the United States where half of employees take advantage of company-sponsored wellness programs.

8. Hotel prices have increased every month since October 2016, according to online business booking site Expedia.

9. Small business owners say negotiations with their insurance carriers have got more difficult in 2018.

10. Drivers are saving an average of 49 cents per gallon on gasoline this year compared to last year, according to AAA.

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