Police investigate ‘suspicious death’ of man found in back of car, back seat of car on incline

Police are investigating a “suspicious death” after a body was found in the back seat of a car along a ravine in the Ontario town of Vaughan, just outside Toronto.

Police said investigators are looking for the person who was driving the car that appeared to go down the ravine “in a manner inconsistent with a normal fall,” according to a press release.

After hearing loud banging, police were called and rushed to the scene where they discovered the body. Police are trying to determine the cause of death and whether the person who was found on the vehicle may have been killed or died naturally.

“Further checks at the scene revealed that a second person may have been inside the vehicle on the morning of March 19,” the press release states.

Police said they believe the people involved were known to each other, and they are not looking for any other suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police.

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