Pot and tourism: How could Delaware’s key border city split on pot shops?

The city government will review its law to determine how many pot shops will be given licence applications and how many will win, notes LancasterOnline.

Lancaster and Lancaster County are a bit different when it comes to this aspect of the state’s pot law.

Both towns are expected to conduct an online survey and determine the number of businesses that will be permitted in their cities and towns.

And those polls, Lester said, are going to cost between $10,000 and $20,000 each, with half the proceeds going to local charities.

Lancaster now has seven dispensaries, according to the local government.

The percentage of approvals based on the percentage of approving business owners will be decided by the city council, which is looking for as many as 70 to choose from, according to online surveys done by the city.

Lancaster has pot shops across from a local pizza shop, a very popular chain called Subway and an AMC movie theater, LancasterOnline reported.

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