Toronto Police Arrest Man After 4-Year-Old Girl He Allegedly Victimized Is Identified

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Toronto police arrested a man on child pornography charges after a 4-year-old girl was identified as the possible victim of an online predator.

According to Detective Michael Coombs, who took over the case and is in charge of the case for child exploitation, the child was the victim of an image library maintained by the suspect.

His mother approached the detective who told him the mother had convinced her daughter to speak with her about some things in the conversation after she realized the suspect had asked her daughter specific questions. The suspect, who has many friends on Facebook, didn’t interact with her daughter in the past several weeks, Coombs said.

Coombs received a tip from Facebook that the suspect had continued to contact and ask his alleged victim questions.

The mother then noticed she had deleted some of the suspect’s pictures of himself, although the suspect continued to reach out to the girl in texts and comments on social media.

Eventually, the mother retrieved some images from the suspect’s computer, which revealed he had shared images of children, police say.

Police arrested the suspect in late February, according to Coombs. He says the accused has also been identifying victims through Facebook and his brother. The accused’s brother was not arrested.

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