Vietnamese ‘Salt Bae’ probe after Internet hits it big

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It’s the noodle video that’s making the rounds across the globe — a customer at a takeout shop in Vietnam turns out to be quite fond of his lunch.

And when the owner plays a funny video of himself making salt noodles with his employees, it takes off.

The accompanying music is Malaysian singer Lucky Lin’s cover of the “Salt Bae” parody music video, in which French chef Nabil El Akkad employs salty seasoning to whip up some gooey noodles.

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Hungry police

Enter local police who have now launched an investigation into the video, which reportedly first surfaced on Facebook in March and was uploaded to YouTube a few days later.

According to Ho Chi Minh City Police Station spokesman Khieu Dinh Tu, police have requested the video’s creator and customer to personally respond to the investigation and answer questions.

“While we do not publicly reveal the person or persons being investigated, the investigation is ongoing and the number of requests has been growing,” he said.

The owner could face fines of $1,275 and up to a year in prison under Vietnam’s broadcasting regulations, but it appears unlikely.

The popularity of the video has reportedly been boosted by a Facebook post from comedian Syam Siu Thi who posed the original question, which she then corrected when she realized the circumstances of the video and user’s.

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