What to Do at the Resort at Pedernales

Walk through the doors at the Resort at Pedernales, in western Costa Rica, and you will feel immersed in nature. There are trees shading the patio where you will relax, while the pool is surrounded by jungle. Here are some tips on how to enjoy each of the resort’s coves and hidden courtyards:


The chefs at the resort bring their A-game to breakfast every morning, so you will definitely want to leave hungry for your stay. Choose from a variety of sizes and fillings at the tables surrounding the fireplace in the middle of the main restaurant, courtesy of a plant-covered table in the corner. You can also opt for the rustic and airy outdoor restaurant that is right across the fenced-in courtyard. The Pacific coast restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week.

For lunch, head over to the large café counter, which features an incredible mango salad accompanied by grilled salmon, herb-marinated chicken and addictive-looking ice cream. Don’t forget to wash it down with a pitcher of refreshing lemonade and maybe some delicious chocolate espresso.

After dinner, head to the South Beach-style poolside patio for a cocktail and dinner overlooking a vast field of water.

Drink on the patio.

If you prefer not to deal with crowds, a relaxation chair serves as the perfect spot for outdoor seating. Don’t leave the beach without a massage – the highly-trained therapists work in the most eco-friendly way possible (always 100 percent plant-based). For extra peace and quiet, you can always opt for a meditation lesson or a wake-up massage.

Dress comfortably for the sun and drink in the expansive views.

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