Birth photo series shows stars in early motherhood

The non-profit website Girls About Babies has published a series of photos featuring celebrities and parents around the world giving birth, making infant decisions and giving birth to their babies postpartum.

Some of the photos were taken by celebrity photographers Julie Eviden and Tony Spinelli. Others were either amateur photos, edited by Girls About Babies or by other editors, such as Kate Curtis.

Here’s a selection of some of the photos.

Aline Kalman and Nadia Zambelli’s husband, Michael, on Wednesday shared a black-and-white image of their newborn on social media.

While pregnant, Kalman’s husband had asked for permission to add an old photo of him as a young man to their son’s birth announcement. (The photo was taken before Kalman married her husband.) The image is above.

A caption accompanying the photo reads: “We are SO excited to share with you this photo of our first child due in March!!! Can’t wait to see what he will look like! Happy birthday, Michael! We love you. Thank you, moms and dads all over the world for continuing to share life with us! – Kellie & Michael.”

“Kellie and Michael’s baby boy. Due in March,” a non-profit website for pregnant women shared on Instagram Wednesday, alongside a photo of Kalman’s first postpartum photo with her son.

Meanwhile, Colombian model Maria Fernanda Ibáñez shared a black-and-white photo on Instagram of her postpartum one with her young daughter Mariano.

“Post-partum: I think she’s eating her first grapefruit!” the caption reads. “Viva Mexico!”

Della Thompson, who got pregnant with a baby girl and gave birth on Monday, shared a video on Instagram of her new son sleeping.

“Greeted in my bed at 7:24 am by the presence of my 3,927th son! His parents and his newest little brother, Wyatt. First day home, the first day of my birthday and we are all home for the holidays. So grateful,” Thompson wrote in a caption.

“My brave mama, Chelsea Lijhala, who gave birth to her son Finn just an hour ago,” the video says, with a caption. “Heartwarming and life changing.”

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