Hidden Cameras Investigation: Norfolk home stolen for decades, discovered in Japan

Kevin Donovan says it was five or six days before he realised his car was missing from his driveway. He contacted police but they told him he would have to submit a detailed report by phone; it was then that he first heard of the I-Team’s Hidden Cameras investigation. “I walked outside, and, of course, it was gone,” he said. “This is going to sound really crazy, but it was stolen from my own driveway, in the middle of winter. “I assumed it would be gone after they dropped it off somewhere, because we don’t walk that far. It was too crazy for me to think someone would pick it up.” But there was a twist. The thieves left a note on Kevin’s front door, letting him know his car was getting ready to ship. “Every single time I took off the sunroof I would get a message: ‘It’s full; it’s full.’ “The windows were on the other side. So, I put the sunroof back on. That was when I got the message, full. “The U-Boat was paid for, from every time I drove it, it was paid for, from every time I got out of it.” Kevin Donovan’s I-Team investigation first aired on CBC’s The Current on Friday, 13 May, 2018.

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