The Case of Mike Brown goes into the archives

Call for Investigation: Time to Look Back at the Protests in St Louis Since Mike Brown’s Death

After a series of questions were raised about earlier statements from President Donald Trump, the Department of Justice’s former Acting Assistant Attorney General Nicole Navas had a conversation with CNN Chief Legal Correspondent Dana Bash, about questions raised about a call Mike Brown was not murdered.

On the Case of Mike Brown

Bash: “What was the decision of the DOJ when this came to them?”

Navas: “Yes, I can’t share any private conversation that was had.”

Bash: “What do you want the people to know about what DOJ said when this came to them?”

Navas: “I think what they’ve said is that Mike Brown was not murdered and that the local law enforcement made that determination.”

On Telling the Truth Before the Grand Jury

Bash: “In your trial before the Grand Jury, didn’t you tell the truth?”

Navas: “In my trial, I testified honestly.”

On Trump Calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions Out for Not Bringing Charges Against Officer Darren Wilson

Bash: “Have you spoken with the President about the statements he made?”

Navas: “I never spoke with the President about this particular issue.”

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Director Ava DuVernay and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus speak about the Michael Brown story:

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